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Drive-in Live Theatre


​Calliope is thrilled to announce that we will be participating in A Live Drive-In Theatre Event

produced by Rochester Repertory Theatre 

  • Performances are Aug 13-16th in the RCTC Parking Lot

  • Calliope will present the song Murder, Murder from Jekyll & Hyde, our 2021 summer musical

  • This is a collaborative show made possible by the entire Rochester area theatre community, including Rochester Repertory Theatre, Absolute Theatre, Immersion youth Repertory, In Heart Theatre, Rochester Civic Theatre, That Theatre Company, Theater du Jour, Upstage Theatre, and Z-Theatre, and in partnership with Pandemic Pictures. 

  • The event will be emceed by Greg Miller, Jerry Casper, and Nick Mezacapa

  • Visit the event page at The Rep for ticketing information



Good! We want your help! 

  • We are looking for 8-10 singers to perform this number with us. If you are able to learn your own musical part, simply indicate your interest to Audrey or Tommy Rinkoski, and we will reach out to you. 

  • You'll be sent sheet music and an orchestrated soundtrack to practice along with. We'll also work with you to have some costume piece(s) ready. 

  • Rehearsals will be held August 10-12th at 6pm 

  • Performances are August 13th, 14th, & 15th at 6pm and August 15th & 16th at 2pm (that's two shows on Saturday)

  • We will rehearse and perform with masks, as we will have several people on stage together. 

  • It is alright to participate even if you're unable to attend every night - as we get our people together, we will arrange the schedule for our performance of Murder, Murder 

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