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Tommy RinkoskiPresident

Audrey Rinkoski, Vice President

LaSonya Natividad, Secretary

Pam Allan, Treasurer

Brock Besse


Calliope Theatre Company


The mission of Calliope Theatre Company is to produce and perform theatre that entertains and educates the community and enhances quality of life in the greater Rochester area, and to engage and develop community artists, crafts persons, and dedicated supporters of the theatre arts. 

We are a small company with big plans: to produce professional-quality modern musicals and plays using the deep pool of talented artists and performers right here in the Rochester area. We are fans and supporters of other community theatre companies in Rochester. Our vision is to fit in to the local arts picture by tackling  larger-scale community theatre productions and modern shows that local artists may not otherwise get a chance to perform.


We are committed to transparency and are eager to build a community of members and volunteers that will help guide the future of Calliope Theatre. If we were a transparent human, you could see our guts. Since we are a community theatre company and not a person, you can instead see our bylaws and other documents. 


Calliope (kuh-LIE-uh-pee) is one of nine muses from Greek mythology. Daughters of Zeus, each is associated with a certain sphere of the arts or sciences. Calliope, whose name translates to "beautifully-voiced," is the muse of epic poetry, and passed on her musical gifts to her legendary son, Orpheus. While often depicted with a laurel wreath, she is actually allergic.

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