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  • Mortal ($25) This donation made monthly will earn membership in less than a year

  • Hero ($50) This is the equivalent of one actor's costumes

  • Muse ($100) This is a little over one hour of venue rental

  • Demigod ($250) This level or higher earns membership

  • Olympian ($500) This pays for our rehearsal pianist

  • Titan ($1000) This is the equivalent of one designer's pay



Giving $250 or more in any donation box on the site will earn you an annual membership in Calliope Theatre Company. Please also take a moment to fill out a member information form on our membership page so we can be in touch!

Support Calliope

Theatre Company

Checks payable to Calliope Theatre Company may be sent to:

1345 Woodland Dr SW   Rochester, MN   55902

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