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  • Mortal ($25) This donation made monthly will earn membership in less than a year

  • Hero ($50) This is the equivalent of one actor's costumes

  • Muse ($100) This is a little over one hour of venue rental

  • Demigod ($250) This level or higher earns membership

  • Olympian ($500) This pays for our rehearsal pianist

  • Titan ($1000) This is the equivalent of one designer's pay



Giving $250 or more in any donation box on the site will earn you an annual membership in Calliope Theatre Company. Please also take a moment to fill out a member information form on our membership page so we can be in touch!

Support Calliope

Theatre Company

Checks payable to Calliope Theatre Company may be sent to:

1345 Woodland Dr SW   Rochester, MN   55902



We may be driven by inspiration, but that inspiration is backed by plenty of planning. You can follow the links below to see our overall business plan and an example Jekyll & Hyde show budget. Send us any further questions anytime.

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