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I bet that if Calliope and the Muses were around today, they'd have some mystical resistance to viruses. Shortness of breath just seems impossibly un-epic as a way for demigods to struggle. They are way more into wrestling lions or beheading medusae. I did not look up the plural of medusa, there - I just ran with whatever felt good.

Unfortunately, our theatre company is all made of humans, and mystical disease resistance isn't a feature of our species. With that in mind, our production plans need to be re-evaluated in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety really is the key word. As much as we want to dive into our production of Jekyll & Hyde, the most important thing is keeping everyone safe and healthy - our selection of a big show with a big cast and a big orchestra is now clearly a social distancing nightmare scenario. The timeline of when we can mount the production safely is, frustratingly, out of our hands.

I mean, it better be out of my hands, because I've washed them for more happy birthdays than I can even count.

With all of this in mind, the board decided earlier this summer that we will postpone our production of Jekyll & Hyde until summer 2021. A nice bit of news is that SEMAC has allowed us freedom to hold our grant award funds for next year.

Until then, we will have to rely on our enthusiasm being contagious.

Too soon?

Viral marketing?

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