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Houston, we have launched!

Our September 22nd launch party was a huge success, thanks to our talented, generous, and incredibly supportive local theatre community!

You helped us raise over $4000.00 that will go toward buying rights for our inaugural show next summer and/or toward securing our venue. This was an absolutely incredible outpouring of support, and we at Calliope can't thank you enough.

And what actually excites me even more, personally, is the long list of people who are now officially Calliope Members. I'm not sure we have compiled everyone who took advantage of our special membership offer, but the list currently sits at just under 30 names! I truly want Calliope to be a theatre that is an extension of the local community of artists, and the fact that so many people are already on board gives me a big ol' grin.

The Big Winner

Jeff Spencer has won the raffle prize, two tickets to see Hamilton in Chicago with a hotel stay the night of the show. Jeff was a new face for me, but he and his family have been active in the local theatre scene for years.

The Muse meets Social Media

Calliope the Muse has personally taken over our Instagram account. There were a couple misfires as she was learning about the technology, but she's rolling along pretty well at this point. You can find her here:

Please stand by for more updates as I learn how our new website's blog works. We hope to have several announcements in the coming weeks and months, and we will be reaching out to all our new members, as well.

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