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As recently as 4 or so years ago, I would have told you that being excited about a small non-profit board meeting was definitely not something you'd ever catch me doing. Similarly, electing new board members would never have been something I associated with my passion for theatre. Several things happened in our local theatre community in the intervening time, however, and here I am writing a blog entry where I legitimately and unironically want to not only spread news, but spread my enthusiasm about our little community theatre's board elections.

Last night we had a cozy little meeting with 4 of 5 current (founding) board members, and a handful of our theatre's membership. The five candidates selected by the nominations committee were all unanimously approved to become the new and very first elected board of Calliope Theatre Company.

You can watch the whole thing on our YouTube channel right here. Hidden in the middle are some sneak peeks at the sort of future projects we're dreaming up.

Going forward, we will only add a couple members to the board on any given year, and everyone will have a 3 year term. To set that up in this first annual meeting (per our bylaws) we voted in 2 people for one year terms, 2 people for two year terms, and 1 person for a three year term.

The new board, who will officially begin their terms in January, are:

One year terms: Nick Rudlong and Denise Ruemping (both founding board members)

Two year terms: Steve Barlow and Brad Herr (both new board members)

Three year term: Audrey Rinkoski (also founding board member)

So for 2021 we'll have two new faces and 3 continuing, and at the end of 2021 Nick and Denise's seats will be up for that year's election, and so on. We'll continue replacing seats with faces until we are a monstrous hydra of enthusiastic theatrical creativity that will never be able to sit down.

Anyway, please join me and this picture of fireworks in congratulating our new board of directors!

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