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This is the Moment

Folks, we are no longer waiting.

It is time for a very special announcement, one that we have been awaiting very impatiently.

The 2020 summer musical, the Calliope Theatre Company premiere, will be:

Conceived for the stage by Steve Cuden & Frank Wildhorn

Book and Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse

Music by Frank Wildhorn

Orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg

Arrangements by Jason Howland

Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).

All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

I know what you're thinking. Jekyll & Hyde!? This is a massive show, Calliope! There is no way you can pull this show off - it is your very first show. Shouldn't you do something a little easier? Sure, that crossed our minds. But we'll loudly deny our anxiety over this decision. There is definitely, absolutely, completely no anxiety over choosing a super massive show to premiere our little theatre company with. None. At all.

Honestly, we ARE feeling really good about this show. Our members voted for it, and we think they made an excellent choice. Calliope is about spotlighting local talent, and a big show maximizes the opportunity for just that - big cast, big orchestra, plenty of opportunity for you to be involved. Also, we are feeling pretty great about the absolute superstar team that have agreed to work on J&H with us:

Directing, we have Greg Miller, but if you've been playing along at home you already knew that. It's a monster show. With Greg Miller directing it. Instant smash. And for a cherry on top of Greg Miller (yeah, I know you wanted that image), he'll have Pam Allan stage managing with him!

But Calliope, you say, this show needs a full orchestra - not 5 musicians or even 10 - like an actual full orchestra! Ha! We laugh in the face of orchestration, for we have ace-up-our-sleeve Brock Besse, conductor of the Rochester Pops Orchestra, as our music director.

Basically, everyone Greg mentioned as his top choices, his design dream team, agreed to do our show. Victorian costumes for the whole cast? We've got a Helen Distad for that. What about set design, though? Brett Conrad, full stop.

Okay, but you tech geeks out there know I skipped something, for there is abundant fancy lighting in this show - we'll have light cues coming out our ears! Light cues we are not worried about, because we have the power of Ben Hain.

Check this segue - Ben Hain's home turf is the Hill theatre at RCTC. Beautiful theatre, just the right size for this show, but the Hill hasn't let an outside theatre group use their space in years ... until Calliope.

We will be performing Jekyll & Hyde at the beautiful Hill Theatre August 21st - 30th. That's two weekends, 5 shows. That deserves a bigger font:

August 21st - 30th

Tickets are not on sale yet.

Audition dates will be announced soon, but think mid-June. We'll update here.

You're not getting away without reading about fundraising, though. Look for another post very soon breaking down our planned budget - we will need a LOT of help to make all this happen and we want to be transparent about it. If you just can't wait to give us a few bucks, we love you very much, and you can do it here.

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