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Voting for Callio-people

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Calling all of our Calliope community! You are invited to our first annual member meeting on November 10th (this coming Tuesday) at 7:00pm via Zoom: Annual Meeting Zoom link

Our bylaws lay out the plan for our annual member meetings: we will give an update of Calliope's activities and theatre members will elect new board members. Our nominations committee consisting of Tony Drumm, Pam Allan, Deb Fuehrer, and Brad Herr went to current founding board members and other community members to put together a list of nominees. We put together a brief interview with each nominee, linked below:

Audrey Rinkoski (current board president) Interview with Audrey

Nick Rudlong (current board treasurer) Interview with Nick

Denise Ruemping (current board vice president) Interview with Denise

Jerry Kvasnika (withdrew for personal reasons)

Absolutely anyone interested can attend our annual meeting - it is open to the public and we'd love to see you there! However, only those with a membership can vote, so please identify yourself by first and last name for the zoom call. Annual Meeting Zoom link

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