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We Got the Beat!

If my frantic posting to social media in the last week has been successful, you already know that Calliope has secured the rights to perform Head Over Heels this summer, in collaboration with Pandemic Pictures Presents at the History Center of Olmsted County.

But did you know how a unique, fabulous, rock musical like Head Over Heels is made? Scroll onward, and the great Muse Calliope will tell all.

We begin with The Arcadia, a prose pastoral romance from the 16th century by Sir Philip Sydney, in which a royal family sets out into the woods after prophecy reveals threats to the kingdom. What follows is like a Shakespearean comedy - heirs, suitors, crossdressing, confusion, and a smattering of sex and violence - all the trappings for ye olde renaissance laugh riot.

But soft, what's that in the clearing ahead? Its Belinda Carlisle and the 80s rock sensation the Go-Go's! A strident guitar solo blares through the dappled glade, and the drums kick in with a driving rhythm. While everyone is dancing, a pixie sprinkles a generous seasoning of diverse gender identity and sexuality on the whole party.

And then they do a mashup. And that's how our baby musical was made.

More information about our production! You can listen to the Broadway soundtrack on spotify, too, if you're curious.

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