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  • Cast of 11-13 paid actor-musicians

  • Auditions are by video submission. Please fill out the form below and submit a recording singing and playing your instrument with a music selection from the show (preferred) or your choice of song in a similar style

  • Tentative rehearsal schedule Mon-Thurs 6:30-9 pm starting Jan. 15, 2024

  • Performances March 15-23, set strike on March 24, at The Castle in downtown Rochester.


  • GUY (Irish, male 20-35, range F#2-G#4, falsetto up to C#5; guitar)

  • GIRL (Czech, female 20-35, range F#3-B4; piano)

  • EAMON (recording studio manager, male 20-50; guitar* and/or piano)

  • ANDREJ (Girl's Czech flatmate, male 20-35; guitar* and/or bass)

  • REZA (Girl's Czech flatmate, female 25-30; violin)

  • DA (Guy's father, 50-70, bass and/or guitar*)

  • BARUSKA (Girl's mother, 45-65; accordian)

  • SVEC (Girl's Czech flatmate, male 20-40; drums) 

  • IVONKA (Girl's daughter, 6-12)

  • EX-GIRLFRIEND (Guy's Irish ex-girlfriend age 20-40; violin)

  • BILLY (Irish music store owner, male 30-50; guitar* or bass)

  • EMCEE (open mic host at pub, male 20-50; guitar* and/or bass)

  • BANK MANAGER (Irish male, 30-50; guitar and cello)

may also play banjo and mandolin, if proficient

Once is supported in part by a generous grant from the Southeast Minnesota Arts Council. SEMAC activities are made possible by the voters of minnesota thorugh grants from the MN State Arts Board thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts & cultural heritage fund.


Be a part of it!

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